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Seat Locking

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Seat Positioning

Seating systems can greatly improve a vehicle
layout by offering flexible seat configuration.
When using Unwin seating systems in conjunction
with our floor rail, a vehicle layout can be easily
changed from fully seated to wheelchair accessible
within minutes.


Unwin work closely with all approved seat
manufacturersto provide trusted solutions
for a variety of vehicle types.


Our range will offer you the choice of removable
seat fixtures, semi-permanent track bolt fixings.


Standard Seat Fixtures - M1

Tested to M1 on single seats and M2 on double seats.

  • Secure and very easy to operate
  • Locate directly into the floor rails
  • Plunger mechanism with anti rattle device
  • Transport wheels are available as an option
  • Product code: SL








HAL Seat Fixtures - M1

HAL (Hand Actuated Lockable) is a new removable
seat fixtur
e especially suited to the Community Transport market.

Tested to M1 on seats and M2 on double seats.

  • Single Hand Operation
  • Easy to grip and operate handle
  • Single release hand trigger with anti-tamper
  • Rattle free and very secure
  • Integrated positioning wheel
  • Transport wheels are available as an option
  • Product code: HAL2 (with 2 fixing studs)
  • Product code: HAL3 (with 3 fixing studs)








Transport Wheels

A pair of Transport Wheels to be used with our seat Fixtures enables a transport operator to
move a seat in and out of their vehicle without effort. 
Sold as a pair the transport wheel can be used with either HAL or our standard seat lockable's.

  • Product code: TW








T-Bolt Range

Designed to be compatible with all approved seat manufacturers, T-Bolts are an easy
method of securing seats within a vehicle. 
T-Bolts are a non-removable fixing for permanent seat positions
or, can be re-positioned by loosening the nuts and sliding along the rail. 
If T-Bolts are repositioned the Ny-Loc nuts must be replaced.

  • Product code: TN (25mm M2 single seat use only)
  • Product code: TNL (40mm M2 single seat use only)
  • Product code: TN1 (25mm M1 T-Bolt 25.4mm pitch)
  • Product code: TN2 (25mm M1 T-Bolt 50.8mm pitch)
  • Product code: TN3 (25mm M1 T-Bolt 76.2mm pitch)
  • Product code: TNL1 (40mm M1 T-Bolt 25.4mm pitch)
  • Product code: TNL2 (40mm M1 T-Bolt 50.8mm pitch)
  • Product code: TNL3 (40mm M1 T-Bolt 76.2mm pitch)
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