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‘Lets - Go’ is a new range of car seats for children with special needs.  Suitable for fitment to most car types the ‘Lets-Go’ is located by means of the existing 3-point safety belt fitted in the rear seat,

Available with a range of options and adjustments,  allowing complete comfort and postural management for your child.  

The ‘Lets - Go’ seat is easily adjusted in seat depth and harness height providing ample growth opportunities.

Size Variations

Lets - Go 1. - Approx ages 3-10 yrs
Lets - Go 2. - Approx ages 5-12 yrs 
Lets - Go 3. - For up to 75 kgs

LetsGo is a new range of fully adjustable special needs  seating.  3 sizes available with excellent posture support options and backrest recline function.  Slimline seat cushions allow more space and headroom inside the car.


  • Excellent new product to the market.
  • 3-frame sizes available for children of up to 75kgs.
  • Super slim Swivel Turn-out base for left side (right side optional).
  • Optional lateral, head, side and leg supports.
  • Iso-Fix adaptor (for stability in vehicle).
  • Uses vehicle seat belt to secure the child.
  • Adjustable footrest, pommell, playtray, options.
  • 5-point harness is standard, with abdomenal padding.
  • Crash Tested.
  • Qualifies as a special needs vehicle adaptation.
  • Backrest with recline function.
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  • Standard- 5-point harness with abdominal and shoulder pads
  • LG004 - Swivel Seat Frame for left side
  • LG005 - Swivel Seat Frame for right side
  • LG006 - Adjustable Footrest for Lets-G0 1
  • LG007 - Adjustable Footrest for Lets-Go 2+3
  • LG008 - Padded Playtray for Lets-Go 1
  • LG009 - Padded Playtray for Lets-Go 2
  • LG010 - Padded Playtray for Lets-Go 3
  • LG011 - Lateral Body Support - Slimline
  • LG012 - Lateral Body Support - Deep
  • LG013 - Added Shoulder Supports
  • LG014 - Abductor Pommell
  • LG015 - Outer Leg Supports - left and right
  • LG016 - Headrest with side support for Lets-Go 1+2
  • LG017 - Headrest with side support for Lets-Go 3
  • LG018 - Headrest with side support and kickback for Lets-Go 1+2
  • LG019 - Headrest with side support and kickback for Lets-Go 3
  • LG020 - Seat Belt Guide
  • LG021 - ISO-FIX adaptor (vehicle seat belt must always be used)
  • LG022 - New - 10/15 degree recline option


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